Be Astronaut – ‘Bipolar Spectrum’

The Montreal power trio, consisting of Guillaume Theroux (guitar, vocals), Gabriel Jetté (bass) and Pascal Beauregard (drums), whose proggy roots have stayed since their birth in 2009, is reaching for a bigger than life feel to their music. A complete experience, enriched by drastic mood swings and complex melodies, tightly locked altogether. Their ever flourishing musical endeavours always kept up with the highest, hardest standards of the industry, allowing Be Astronaut to master their transporting powers, in continuous evolution.

Highly experienced, the band enhanced their proposal in 2016, by sharing partitions with other artists such as Amélie Lamontagne on strings (Quatuor Esca, Orchestre métropolitain) and Ben Alexander on vocals (La Voix 6). While still relying on its signature hard-hitting beats, pumping bass lines, high-pitched vocals and screeching guitar riffs, adding a whole new set of colours to their project allowed Be Astronaut to deepen their transporting powers, in continuous evolution.

With their new release ‘Bipolar Spectrum’, Be Astronaut want the listener to feel the shivers from the stingy vocals, piercing strings, and the humming from bass and guitars. Immediate pain and suffering from a breakup inspired Guillaume, the band’s songwriter, to write a song that clearly embodies all the mood swings one feels from such experience — From wanting to die one day and determined to get back up the following. From its haunting intro, hypnotizing harmonies, to its head banging outro,‘Bipolar Spectrum’ is a journey.

Recommended for fans of: Rush, Dave Matthews Band, Young The Giant, Incubus



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