Perfect for 4-10 years olds. Mostly aimed at young girls, but some boys will enjoy it as well. Cute and harmless. Be prepared to be asked to buy the Shopkins dolls after watching it.

After the first Shopkins movies was such a success it was only a matter of time before the second came about. Filled with fun and adventure of the worldwide variety. Better animation and production than on the first film so it looks a bit more professionally done.

After Kooky Cookie wins a trip for herself and all her friends anywhere they want to go around the world. Starting off in London, Kooky gets herself caught up in a jewel heist and disappears. Now it is up to her friends to travel to Paris then New York then Tokyo to find her.

Special Features


  • Shopkins Bring Europe to Jessicake
  • Move It Like You Mean It Karaoke
  • Ready to Go Karaoke