Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood

In honour of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s upcoming show at Just for Laughs here is a review of one of his shows:

Comedian Jeff Dunham, accompanied by his puppets Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Little Jeff, Bubba J, Walter and Peanut, has worked all over the world playing many a gig for a wide variety of audiences. He is back with a new show and this time he is performing in the weirdest place in world – Hollywood.

Set at the Dolby Theater, Jeff and his puppets seem to have been affected by their surroundings. Each has let tinseltown and the celebrity culture touch them in a different way. The sold out crowd enjoys this totally dysfunctional act.

Despite the fact that it is a grown man playing with puppets this is no kiddie show. Most of the content of Jeff Dunham’s set features adult humour. Expect a lot of off-color stuff that verges on distasteful. He walks the line between funny and disgusting well. Unlike his last few shows this one is funny. A couple of times I laughed so hard I snorted.  Might have to rewind a couple of times to catch parts you miss because of laughter. He is just “on” with even his ad-libs working well.


Special Features:

Both original uncensored and family friendly versions

“Greetings, Hollywood!” Mashup by DJ Steve Porter

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