Atrocitus (voiced by Jonathan Adams) and the Red Lanterns are attacking Atlantis. Aquaman (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is going to have to make some key decisions. When he comes to the realization that he does indeed want the throne of his home land back he calls upon his superhero buddies. Now Aquaman and members of the Justice League are going to wage battle against the evil that has Atlantis in peril.

As far as the DC heroes go Aquaman is tragically overlooked in favour of other ones like Batman, who seem tons cooler. In the comics Aquaman was pretty much a guy in tights who rode a lavander seahorse. Doesn’t exactly scream out to little boys unfortunately. However, if you do take the time to scratch a little under the surface you will see that there are plenty of reasons to stand behind Aquaman.

Unlike other pouty superheroes, Aquaman actually likes his lot in life. He enjoys being a superhero. You can see this by the relish he takes on bad guys and is up for any kind of fight or mission. It does not do him any service when in this Lego animated film he comes off like a simpleton. They take his enthusiastic nature and make it laughable. Sure this is supposed to be for kids, but still….even they require some sort of strength from their superheroes. Here is just looks like he is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.

Mistake number two here is that the film just plods along so slowly. No momentum is built up to the point where it gets rather dull at times. Then there is the missed attempts at humour. Sigh…

But stay tuned because there are a couple of worthwhile moments to be found. The new(ish) character of Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz (voiced by Cristina Milizia) is rather cool and plenty of fun. That along with the great teamwork displayed by the members of the Justice League are the reasons to watch this.

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