Terrified @ Fantasia Film Festival

Terrified (Aterrados)

Directed by Demián Rugna

Paranormal horror gem Terrified (Aterrados) from director Demián Rugna is set in a quiet Buenos Aires neighbourhood where sinister occurrences are happening behind closed doors. It begins with a woman telling her husband she is hearing threatening voices coming from the kitchen drain. Things take a grisly turn five minutes later when the husband finds his wife in the shower… A bloody, disturbing, Exorcist reminiscent scene that gets your attention right from the start.

The next door neighbour struggles with insomnia and we soon discover why. The classic monster-under-the-bed becomes real and more disturbing than your childhood nightmares. Across the street a mother is experiencing a strange phenomenon with her son and calls her ex, a police officer, for help. Unable to offer an explanation, he turns to an old friend with experience in the paranormal.A well-known psychiatric doctor and American researcher also join the investigation of bizarre occurances. Settling into each of the three homes, the investigators use a variety methods to uncover the cause of the hauntings but ultimately face similar preternatural fates.

The overall look and feel of Terrified is dark and unsettling. The film is punctuated by typical jump scares amplified by an intense score. Despite the tried-and-true formula, Terrified succeeds in delivering a fresh horror experience to viewers. Rugna may never fully divulge the origin of the happenings or provide much of a why, but viewers will be hooked and taken on a truly terrifying ride