On the day that I wrote “Ginger Ale,” I was sweaty, unemployed, broke, and in love. I was living in downtown Toronto during a heatwave, but was escaping the city whenever I got the chance, meeting my partner every weekend at this magical spot on the Nottawasaga River (right down the road from where I live now!) I started resenting living in the city – the noise, the traffic, the people, the prices, the heat. I felt like I could only truly relax and be myself when I was out in the countryside, and writing “Ginger Ale” was the result of having those feelings. I wanted the music video to capture what I felt when I got out of the city and found my people, my place, and my peace.

Feelin’ Freaky, our third full-length, drops on August 3rd, 2018 via Darling Recordings. It’s the product of feeling a variety of freaky emotions over the past couple of years – grief, heartbreak, hope, helplessness, jealousy, excitement, confusion – you name it, it’s in there. It’s inspired by the complicated ties that I have with my family, the passing of an extraordinary friend, the love I feel for my partner, the person I used to be, the person I have become. The album is diverse, as life tends to be, yet there is a common thread that holds it all together – an honest depiction of my truest feelings.

Feelin’ Freaky is fuelled by emotionally raw lyrics, but the influence of my incredible collaborators in Falcon Jane has turned sad songs into true plez rock. The chill vibes, righteous riffs, and groovy grooves are the result of five best friends hanging out and allowing each other to take risks and be vulnerable. I’m so grateful for that.

written by Sara May of Falcon Jane

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