Fantasia 2018 Wrap-Up

The wonderful Fantasia Film Festival wrapped up last night after 3 and a half weeks of film screenings. Once again it was a very successful festival with plenty of sold out films, wonderful guests, engaging Q+A’s, and very happy film goers.

Here is a list of the award winners from this year’s festival:

The jury, chaired by Tim Matheson (actor, director, producer), and composed of Abraham Castillo Flores (lead programmer, Morbido Film Festival), Evan Katz (filmmaker, scriptwriter), Phil Nobile Jr (editor, Fangoria Magazine) Stéphanie Trépanier (producer, director of the Métropole Films distribution) and Victoria Sanchez-Mandryk (actress, screenwriter, producer), awarded the following prizes:

Cheval Noir Award for best film: LA BRUME directed by Daniel Roby
“The apocalypse has not been as captivating and emotionally charged for decades, with its iconic and striking images of Paris covered with a toxic haze, In The Mist paints a terrifying portrait of a telling extinction from the point of view of a family determined to survive.
DANS LA BRUME is distributed by Les Films Christal and by Les Films Seville and will be opening in theatres locally on August 10.

Best Director Award: NUMBER 37 by Nosipho Dumisa

Award for Best Screenplay: Issa Mazzei for CAM

Award  for Best Actor: Joshua Burn for RELAXER

Award for Best Actress: Kim Da-mi for THE WITCH: PART 1 – THE SUBVERSION

Special Mention: THE NIGHTSHIFTER by Dennison Ramalho

NEW FLESH AWARD – First film
The jury, chaired by SégolÚne Roederer (Executive Director, Québec Cinéma), and comprised of Neil Calderone (founder, Chicago Cinema Society), Liane Cunje (International Programming Assistant, TIFF), Ezra Winton (co-founder and director of programming, Cinema Politica) and Joe Yanick (Co-Chair, Yellow Veil Pictures, Assistant Director of Festival and Out-of-Room Booking, Visit Films), awarded the following prizes:

New Flesh Award for best first film: Daniel Goldhaber’s CAM

Special Mention given to Yoko Yamanaka’s AMIKO and Shinichiro Ueda’s ONE CUT OF THE DEAD

The jury, chaired by Jacqueline Castel (filmmaker, curator, archivist) and comprised of Kalyn Corrigan (critic) and James Fler (managing partner, Raven Banner Entertainment), has awarded the following prizes:

Award for Best International Short Film: AURORE by Mael Le MĂ©e

Best Director Award: Santiago Menghini for MILK

Award for Best Screenplay: EXIT STRATEGY by Travis Bible

Best Actor Award: FĂ©lix Grenier for FAUVE

Best Actress Award: Manda Touré for PETITE AVARIE

Special Mention awarded to HELLO, RAIN by C. J. Obasi

The jury, chaired by Torill Kove (animation director, illustrator) and composed of Lorraine Carpentier (artist, teacher), Marc Tessier (publisher, author, photographer, teacher) and Sarah Mercey (host, actress), awarded prizes to the following:

Satoshi Kon Award for Best Animated Feature: PENGUIN HIGHWAY by Hiroyasu Ishida

Special Mention awarded to DA HU FA from Busifan

Satoshi Kon Award for Best Short Film: SIMBIOSIS CARNAL by Rocío Álvarez

Special Mention awarded to MAKE IT SOUL by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

The Barry Convex Award for Best Canadian Film or Co-production went to David Paradis’s Quebec film, Le Nid. Accompanied by a $ 1,000 scholarship, courtesy of the Paul A. Ray Memorial Fund, this award was presented by the jury of Kier-La Janisse (author and editor-in-chief, Spectacular Optical), Shelagh Rowan-Legg (critic, festival programmer and filmmaker), Michael Kronish (executive producer, former executive vice president of the Canadian studio of Vice Media) and Nora Mehenni (director of quality control, Arrow Video).
“For its unconventional and disturbing storytelling, its poignant revelations and a powerful performance by the actor Pierre-Luc Brillant, which cleverly slips between humor without laughter, terror and pathos”.

The jury, chaired by Charles-Henri Ramond and composed of CĂ©line Gobert and Ambre Sachet, awarded the AQCC-CAMERA LUCIDA prize to Jeon Go-woon’s MICROHABITAT.

The jury, composed of Patrick Senécal (author), Patrick Boivin (director) and Gerald Lewis (screenwriter), awarded the following prizes:

Grand Prize VR Fantasia 2018: DINNER PARTY by Angel Manuel Soto.

Special Mention awarded to the CAMPFIRE CREEPERS series by Alexandre Aja

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