Closer to Zero – ‘Kiss Me Like You Miss Me’

Sonically unique, each of their songs evoke a high-energy feeling musically and reach a deeper meaning lyrically, which operate as whole and compelling project. Closer to Zero really hits traditional emo pop on the nose.

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About Closer to Zero and ‘Kiss Me Like You Miss Me’

Closer to Zero, consisting of Chris Young, Nick Cropley, Paolo Ciampini, and Douglas Green is an high school friendship turned into an Alternative Rock/Pop Punk project. Sharing similar tastes and playing all necessary instruments to form a band, Closer to Zero is since then known to “love to be loud”. All four members contributing the musical environment of their act, the collaborative effort leaves a lasting impression wherever they perform.

‘Kiss Me Like You Miss Me’, is one of Closer to Zero’s most exciting and powerful songs to date. About an escape from one’s mental anxieties by means of our personal friendships and romantic relationships, the song directs a positive light on coping with our anxieties through interacting with others that we care about. The alternative rock track testifies of the band’s highly cohesive energy, while offering a mature, lyrical authenticity.
With their latest album ‘Think for Yourself’ (2017), Closer to Zero focuses on the importance of independent thought. With many areas in the world telling the public who to listen to and how we should live our lives, the band addresses where we lose part of our independence and function as a result of someone else’s ideology. “This touches upon multiple areas in life like relationships, healthy and abusive; depression and anxiety; and overcoming our own self-doubts and thinking freely. This album offers the message to not fear our own thoughts and speak our minds.”

Song Credits

Written by: Chris Young

Performed by: Closer to Zero

Produced by: Dan Cropley & Closer to Zero

Mixed & Mastered by: Dan Cropley

Band Line Up: Chris Young (Vocals/Guitar), Nick Cropley (Bass), Paolo

Ciampini (Lead Guitar), Douglas Green (Drums)

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