The ongoing adventures and misadventures of our 5 brave and specially talented teenagers. These guys don’t get into your usual teenage foibles. They are fighting on the side of good against the usual and powerful foe called ‘Evil’.

Its story follows 5 brave teenagers with special powers who band together to fight the powers of darkness. They are helped by a magical book and a wise older female, who guides them with all their battles. Besides evil they battle monsters and dragons as well as a host of other creatures all while keeping their Power Ranger identities a secret from everyone.

In 1993 this became the must watch series for kids. Being the most watched in North America made it a pop culture phenomena. It was also seen in 60 different countries worldwide. The series keyed in on important lessons like responsibility and teamwork.

All three seasons of the series, then you also get Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie for the first time on blu-ray. The six Power Rangers have their hands full in their latest battle. Going up against Ivan Ooze, who has been imprisoned for over six thousand years and once out is ready to wage havoc. First order of business is taking away the Power Rangers’ and their leader Zordon’s powers. To get back on track the Power Rangers have to travel to a far away planet to learn of the secret powers of the ancient Ninjetti. This is the only way they are going to get their powers back and be ready to engage Ivan Ooze. The fight to save Angel Grove is on!

Special Features:

  • The Mighty Leap to the Silver Screen: A look back at the movie with the cast and crew, including brand-new interviews with director Bryan Spicer and stars Johnny Yong Bosch and Paul Freeman
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • “Morphin Time!”
  • “A Morphenomenal Cast”
  • “Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads”
  • “Alpha’s Magical Christmas”
  • “The Good, The Bad And The Stupid!”
  • “The Fans Power Up”
  • Rare Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club Video
  • “MMPR Karate Club”
  • “Power Rangers Live” – The World Tour