A Good Reason to Travel to Toronto – The Banksy Exhibit

Curated by Steve Lazarides, this is probably the biggest with over 80 pieces and best exhibit that you will see of artist Banksy’s work. It contains works valued at over $35 million and is assembled from a variety of collectors around the world. This is a unique opportunity to see many of his works together before they are returned to their owners.

Lazarides knows Banksy. He worked with him first as a photographer then as his manager. So he knows the man quite well. Throughout the exhibit there are videos of an interview with Steve Lazarides that features him talking about different works, techniques used by the artists or shows that were held. The down side is that they stopped working together in 2008, so the art displayed here is from the artist’s early period.

In today’s art world Banksy is one, if not the, of the best known artists working. His art can be found around the world and is instantaneously recognizable. It has struck a chord with millions. The graphic artist has made some of the most viewed graffiti pieces ever. Most of his pieces protest things like the British monarchy, the rich, police forces, and capitalism in general. His popularity grew to a level that he (we don’t know his true identity) was able to host huge exhibits. Two of the most famous include 2003’s Turf Wars in East London and 2006’s Barely Legal in Los Angeles.

Some have vocalized problems with the punk artists who has gone commercial. While his art does reduce protest to pithy one liners it has succeeded in bringing protest art to the masses, which is never a bad thing.

Additional Information:

-Dates: Until September 2, 2018

-Venue:  213 Sterling Road, Toronto

-Website:  www.banksyexhibit.com

-Ticket Purchase:  +1 (855) 323-7878 or http://www.banksyexhibit.com/

-Ticket Prices:  $35.00 – Adults, $32.59 – Seniors, $32.50 – post-secondary students and 17 and under, Free – for 5 and under

-Hours:  Monday – Wednesday | 11am – 7pm EST
Thursday  | 11am – 8pm EST
Friday | 11am – 8pm EST
Saturday | 11am – 8pm EST
Sunday | 11am – 7pm EST

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