When you adapt a superhero comic book into an animated film you have to be careful. Doubly so when it comes to an iconic character like Superman. Fans of the caped hero are a passionate bunch. Especially this story – The Death of Superman. Tread carefully!

Somehow they are able to capture the spirit of the comic book in this film. Co-directors Sam Liu and Jake Castorena should get a pat on the back for this one. While they did not just settle upon a karaoke or direct copy of the comic book, they did keep things close enough. All the plot points that are needed for the second half of the story have been kept. (Reign of Superman is next) Also, they have creatively incorporated some new Justice League elements to keep things feeling fresh.

The story shows Clark Kent (voiced by Jerry O’Connell) the man and his relationship with Lois (voiced by Rebecca Romijn). You really get to know them here. Plus you get some Justice League characters like Green Lantern (voiced by Nathan Fillion), Wonder Woman (voiced by Rosario Dawson), Aquaman (voiced by Matt Lanter), Cyborg (voiced by Shemar Moore), Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) and The Flash (voiced by Christopher Gorham). The chemistry between them all is great. Jokes galore.

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