7 Days in Entebbe – Blu-ray Edition

Based on a true story which I have never really heard about, this is a story of a daring rescue of hostages from a hijacked plane. Pulling off making a film of this sort realistic takes ingenuity and cash. After watching 7 Days in Entebbe it is obvious that they did not have a lot of cash to make it. Everything has a cut corners or cheap look to it. Some odd choices are made along the way. Like all those dance scenes. What?!? Me no comprende. The result is a rather B movie feel to all that his going on and I am almost certain they didn’t intend it. Better to go watch 70s film Raid on Entebbe to get a better picture of what happened here.

The year is 1976 and a flight is hijacked. Hijacked by terrorists with a particular goal. Demands are made. As time goes on it seems less and less likely that a solution is going to be found. The terrorists have diverted the plane to Uganda. Now sitting at the Entebbe Airport a standoff is underway and humans are being used as bargaining chips. Realizing their chance of a good outcome is fading, The Israeli government has an elite team of commandos assembled to run a rescue mission.

A rescue mission being portrayed as a dance sequence. Maybe it could work. Both are intricate, take a lot of planning and thrilling at times to watch. But in this film the substitution seems so pretentious that it really does not go down well. It just makes light of the daring rescue mission going on.

Not even sure this film could qualify as watchable. I found myself and my attention drifting off several times. So not historically accurate plus not entertaining…that leaves what reason to watch it?

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-The Entebbe Team

-Inside the Raid

-Additional Dance Sequences

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