Blindspot: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

What started off as a pretty dynamic series with fresh ideas began to bog down a little in season three. NBC’s Blindspot is a series about an elite team within the FBI that has been tasked with figuring the messages behind the tattoos of a woman found naked in a bag in Times Square. She, dubbed Jane Doe (played by Jaimie Alexander), cannot help them as she has amnesia. Remembering only little flashes of her life.

That is how the series began, as it progressed, Jane became romantically involved with FBI team leader Kurt Weller (played by Sullivan Stapleton) and entangled with Roman (played by Luke Mitchell), a man she finds out is actually her brother. More about her life comes back to her as she realizes that she was part of a plot involving her brother and mother Shepherd (played by Michelle Hurd) which was attempting to throw the American government and the entire country into a state of chaos.

Season three begins 18 months after we last left and with a crisis that brings the team back together. They have to relearn how to work as one again. As the team continues to work the tattoos, as they are linked and clues to a major crime that has been committed or is about to be committed, Jane finds out more and more about herself and her past life. This season with Shepherd in jail and her plot halted, the major baddie is the present man Roman is working for, Hank Crawford (played by David Morse).

I struggled with plenty this season, especially that many of the characters were inconsistent acting one way one moment and doing a complete 360 the next. Not that all the cards have to be laid on the table but behaviour has to be reasonable and believable.

One tangent of the storyline I did enjoy was that of Zapata’s (played by Audrey Esparza). Most of the season she is treated like an outsider by the team as they don’t trust her now that she has moved on to the CIA. Keeping her true intentions in the shadows really builds the tension. Is she working with the team or does she have ulterior motives? Zapata is a likable character, so you want her to end up on the side of good. But will she?

The ending of the season was also strong and does make me want to tune in to season four. All is well that ends well, I guess.

Special Features:

-Gag Reel

-Deleted Scenes

-Surveillance on Set: Agent Zapata

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