Mauve – “Come Around”


Written by: Mauve

Produced by: Jovan Jovanov

Mixed by: Jovan Jovanov

Performed by: Mauve

Life happens. Changes can break you. But music gives you the chance to create a new story. If you ask singer-songwriter Mauve what she feels about creating music, she says it has the ability to take you to an altered reality. Mauve wants to give homage to the transforming powers of music, to revitalize you despite discouraging and less-than-ideal situations.

A rich voice in a small frame, while growing up Mauve was constantly inspired by theatrical performances, and she turned to the keys of her piano to bring forth that passion into her everyday life. From the age of 14, she has worn her heart on her sleeve as she has learned to play and write her own songs. There is a certain edgy sensibility that she brings to her music. You can tell in her live performances, which she believes are the best part of being a musician and singer, that she has a natural ability to bring energy to the stage, which moves her listeners to a better place.

Influenced by the deep and emotional vocals of Amy Winehouse and Sia, you can feel the vulnerability in Mauve’s lyrics, as they are placed over a catchy, tropical house beat. She gives credit to her home city of Toronto for providing many outlets and opportunities to explore different styles of music through its vibrancy and the diversity of its people.

Mauve’s new and upcoming single, ‘Come Around’, is as fresh and lushful as it gets. In fact, Mauve is a queen of sweet, easy, feel-good music. A EDM track that calls for an endless summer, ‘Come Around’ is about the excitement and intrigue when beginning a new journey with someone – “It’s like you’re starting a new dance with someone and you’re learning the moves and following each others steps. It’s about finding that special vibe and wanting to get lost in it”.

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