Jarhead 3: The Siege – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Another silly straight to video release starring Scott Adkins. This trained fighter is in every low budget action film that has a 3 or 4 in the title. Seriously though, he is a good fighter onscreen and has been a part of several mind blowing movie fights. As for his acting, that is up for debate.

Rookie Corporal Evan Albright (played by Charlie Weber) is looking forward to his military career. A real keener. So when his first assignment is a rather dull one he can’t help but be disappointed. He is put in an embassy in the Middle East where the soldiers there are tasked with defending it. Does not seem up to snuff for an elite Marine. Albright resigns himself to the fact that he won’t be seeing any real action.

That proves to be untrue as an extremist militant group sets in motion a surprise attack everything changes. The group’s goal is to kill an embassy informant. The team Albright is with is taken by surprise and are unprepared. They are outnumbered and the other side is better equipped. This is now war. An international crisis begins which means plenty is at stake.

No real connection to the other two Jarhead movies, this one is directed by William Kaufman. The bottom line is a rather formulaic film with no real surprises. That being said, if you enjoyed the first two Jarheads you probably will be amply entertained by this one. If you have a more discriminate taste then you will be bored. As everything goes as you would expect here. Not even one surprise is mustered. If you stack the cheesy dialogue on top of it the sum total is something that is barely bearable.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Making Jarhead 3: The Siege

-Previews of Desierto, Term Life, The Expanse

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