Mutek 2018 – Piknic Electronik #15

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Rounding out my experience this year at Mutek was another outdoor event, Piknic Electronik. Amazingly this was my first time at Piknic Electronik. Considering it has been going on for years this is rather embarrassing. Since I had such a good time (despite some rain), it will not be my last time there.

When I arrived Montreal-based Ouri was on the larger Solotech Stage. The dance floor in front of the French (but South American born) DJ/musician was sparsely populated as most were stretch out on the wood palettes which doubled as lounge chairs enjoying the food and drinks offered by the many vendors. It was a humid afternoon, so I cannot say as I blame them for pacing themselves. Those who were up dancing on the wood dance floor in front of the Solotech Stage were really into it working up a sweat.

Ouri’s sound is downtempo dance with plenty of R&B influence. There is a certain musicality to everything she does as she is a classically trained pianist, cellist and harpist. There is a constant play between bass and melody which produces a sound which is at the same time ambient and intimate.

I then moved on to the smaller Moog Audio Stage where Anthony Naples was doing his set. It was a case of saving the best for last. I was there for most of his set (through some rain) and he turned out to be my favourite DJ of the entire festival. Really dug his sound. Really funky and easy to get in to/dance to. Very classic sound. House music that is quite melodic.

Naples is from the United States and is an up and coming DJ/producer. He grew up in Miami and is now based in New York City. I love that he uses plenty of vinyl during his sets…it just sounds great! Track after track came about that had a quite sizable crowd of people dancing on the artificial turf in front of him. Later in his set the gray skies opened up and some rain pelted down, but that did not stop people from dancing and enjoying themselves. Energy remained high throughout with the crowd bellowing its approval at tracks they especially liked. Which brought about a smile on his face every time. Totally had a club vibe going throughout his 2.5 hour set.

The smaller stage is actually the better one as there is a nice intimate feeling to it with all the greenery – grass and trees – surrounding it. Plenty of trees to get under in case of rain and provide shade from the sun.

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