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Following on from the critical praise she received for her debut single ‘Wings’, Brooklyn-based dream pop artist Kirsten Knick aka Völuspa has now returned to deliver her next beautifully ambient release, ‘Feel You’.

Much like her work to date, ‘Feel You’ occupies that tentative bridge between ethereal ambience and a lucid dreamlike experience that aims to excite the hairs on the back of your neck. Mixing a light piano-led feel with minimal percussion, the frontwoman conjures up a feeling of pure warmth that touches the soul as she manages to breathe life into every beat.

Having cut her teeth as an artist by performing with the likes of Spiritualized and Hot Chip over the last few years, Völuspa is seen as more of a Beach House meets Lana Del Rey kind of artist. With already a strong buzz floating around her, ‘Feel You’ looks set to be the sound that defines her and the path she has set up for herself.

Völuspa on the new single: “Feel You was written in response to the calls of a loved one heard through the wind coming from the mountains in Montana. The song is about our infinite existence and how death is just an illusion. Feel You tells the story of Lilith, Adam’s first wife who refused to lie beneath him so she left the Garden of Eden for another lover. In Hebrew texts, her name translates to ‘night creature’ or ‘screech owl’. The original femme fatale, she is of the same earth as man and demands to be seen as such. She challenged societal standards even during biblical times. Her body is her power to be wielded how she sees fit. I want to remind women that even though we may live in these bodies, we don’t have to be small, we are expansive and vast.”