COLOURS is the new single from the Swedish-born Berlin-based dream pop artist TULA. Her 2014 cover of Chris Isaak‘s Wicked Game received press from Pigeons & Planesemploying a similar sort of hushed, sleek minimalism and deft dance music influences to The xx, Tula turn ‘Wicked Game’ into their own beautiful ode to heartbreak“, DIYmasterful“, Single RIVERStereoguma powerhouse…an impeccably crafted pop song“, and recent single from May 2018 –BULLET – “a potent, intoxicating slice of alt-pop

Opening with the synaesthesia-themed chorus – “I’m hearing all your colours” – with the multi-tracked vocal parts being sung with mirroring vividity, the production of COLOURS makes for a multi-layered pantheon of instrumentation. The track evolves and matures as it goes on, filling the crevices of the mix with spectral synthesisers that vault around the self-made spherical dome of sound.

Tula’s dark pop essence is as eerie as it is inviting. Not only has she caught the eye of many listeners, she has also attracted the attention of renowned producers, including Klas Åhlund (Robyn, Madonna) with whom she wrote and produced in a great working symbiosis the fantastic and mysterious BULLET, COLOURS and her forthcoming EP SKIN. Most recently Tula came to worldwide attention with her collaboration with LA based electro trio THE GLITCH MOB on their new album See without eyes.

When we first heard Tula sing on ‘Keep on Breathing’, we immediately knew this collaboration was going to be pure magic. It’s rare when another artist gets into your own work and makes you hear it in a new way, adding a new dimension. We loved it so much, we asked her to sing on ‘How Could This Be Wrong’ as well”.

True words from THE GLITCH MOB and not more to say!

While Tula has already proven her worth and talent, the best is truly yet to come.

It can be nerve-wracking to release an original song after such a successful cover, Tula’s following single, “River”, along with her third release, “Another Kind of Red”, both reached the #1 spot on Hype Machine. New single, COLOURS is prepped to continue the flow of success!

I hear in colours. Every voice, every sound and tone is connected to a colour in my mind.” – TULA 2018