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Following on from the critical success of their 2016 sophomore full-length ‘Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit’, Canadian indie-pop outfit Royal Canoe return with the wonderfully psychedelic lead single ‘RAYZ’, lifted from their forthcoming third album, ‘Waver’.

Much like their material to date, ‘RAYZ’ aims to blend a whole universe of influences into one insatiable single. Taking influences from the swooning RnB sound and merging it with a psych-pop aesthetic, the new track emerges as a Glass Animals-meets-Animal Collective style jam that oozes summertime vibes.

Speaking about the new single, the band said, “With the new songs we’ve been writing we set out to create leaner arrangements and clearer melodies – less between us and the listener. As we continued to peel back the layers, the lyrics struck a more personal tone, but the things we found ourselves reacting to were less nostalgic than on previous records. The stakes have grown and as the world leans in, creating art in a vacuum feels irresponsible. 

“’RAYZ’ is a song about feeling a dark cloud hovering above and needing to reach up to see past it. You can’t help but desperately clamour for the ladder, but what are you leaving behind? There are so many forces pulling you this way and that: Be more successful, always say the right thing, get fit, make goals, achieve them flawlessly, be better in every possible way. But the higher you reach, the harder it is to stay grounded to yourself and those around you. In the chaos all you want is some clarity.”

Unlike their material to date, this new full-length from the Winnipeg outfit is their first that sees them really step away from the nostalgia of their hometown. Having spent the last few years touring the world, the band have begun to take influence from their new life on the world stage, writing songs that better reflect their new situation and aiming for a record that delivers a more diverse and eclectic sound.

‘RAYZ’ is the first cut to be lifted from their forthcoming album ‘Waver’, and will be available to download from the 31st August.

T R A C K L I S T I N G:

  1. What’s Left in the River
  2. Black Sea
  3. RAYZ
  4. May 17
  5. Ashes, Ashes (feat. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya)
  6. Girl of My Dreams
  7. Peep This
  8. Spin Cycle
  9. 77-76
  10. Don’t