Very tall Irish singer Hozier blew up a couple of years ago due to his hit song “Take Me to Church”. 28-year-old Andrew Hozier-Byrne was a busy guy right from the get go in that he released two EPs and his debut full length album in 2014.  The first EP was Take Me to Church and the second is called From Eden.  His debut album was the self titled Hozier. The album went to number two on the Billboard Album Chart. Just this month he released another EP, Nina Cried Power, and has said another full length album is in the works.

I am here to tell you that Irish singer Hozier is not going to be a flash in the pan. His massive single “Take Me to Church”, which earned him a Grammy nomination, is not going to be all you hear from him as the guy is a big talent. It might not be as commercial as that song but after listening to his entire self-titled album I can tell you that it is all quality. The mix he creates of angst, folk, blues, Celtic, soul, R&B and that voice is a great package. Hozier is a true artist that creates music that takes a few listens before it becomes part of your being and then never really leaves you. Impactful, in other words. A true artist in that his songs provoke images that bring you on a journey. Through his songwriting and voice he successfully creates a mood that truly makes you feel what he is singing. Lots of gritty or dark moments that rather than put you off make you dive deeper into his songs. You think that because he is singing about love, death, sex and religion that things are going to be trite yet you realize in his hands that they become complex and deep balls of wonderfulness. Besides his ample skills with the pen he also has a voice with its range and power that adds another level.

Hozier’s father is a musician and he began a music degree at Trinity College in Dublin before dropping out to start his career.  Before striking out on his own he demonstrated his vocal range in the touring avant-garde group Trinity Orchestra.

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-Date:  September 18, 2018

-Venue:  Olympia


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