Id Guinness – Lost Language

Multi-talented Canadian ID Guinness is a keyboardist, producer, singer and songwriter. Presently he is part of the rock band Red Herring based in Vancouver. Lost Language is his latest solo outing. Just over ten years ago he released his debut solo album called Cure for the Common Crush then came Soul Envy in 2010 and now Lost Language. The ten songs found here are full of variety yet they still fit in the rock genre. More alternative rock, but still rock. There are also touches or flairs of prog rock and even some new wave. Yet the whole thing is rather relaxed and whimsical. That is accomplished even when the songs are quite uptempo. Do yourself a favour and make sure you listen to this album with headphones on. Doing so you can really hone in and concentrate on his voice. There is a David Bowie quality about it. There is a smoothness and depth to it which you don’t often find in that combination. He sounds like Bowie and several of the songs sound heavily influenced by 80s synth rock like The Cure (“Embassy Walls”) then the next song will possess a more Pink Floyd vibe to it (“Now”) and then around the corner comes Simon and Garfunkel. In other words, a nice blending and reworking of the 70s and 80s. What they all have in common are the great hooks involved in each track.

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