One thing that you can never say about this Emmy Award-winning series is that it is dull. There is always something happening and it is almost always occurring in Tommy Gavin’s (Dennis Leary – Ice Age, Wag the Dog). Sometimes I don’t know how he keeps it all together. Between him and his ex-wife, his co-workers, his daughters, and his dead friend’s wife who is always trying to get him in bed, Tommy barely has the time to do his job as a firefighter. Actually, almost everyone in this series is falling apart. But it is very entertaining.

It is another is a seemingly long line of firehouse dramas. Set in New York City just post 9/11, we follow Truck 62 and all its daily work. Firefighters constantly put themselves in danger which leads to plenty of tension. When you throw in the mess that is most of their private lives you get non-stop action. This is probably the best work that Dennis Leary has ever done. He is funny, a jackass and a mess all in one highly watchable package. Through the seven seasons of the series he is really put through the acting wringer.

There never seems to be a happy moment on this show for firefighter Tommy and his gang of family, friends and co-workers, but his pain and turmoil certainly keeps us riveted to the show. There are more ups and downs on the show than on a roller coaster. It is a series which will entertain and impress you with its comedy and drama. Watching someone’s life spiral out of control has never been so entertaining.

Special Features:

-Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes (20 in total)

-Blooper Reels

-Deleted and Extended Scenes (65 in total)

-2 Commentaries with Denis Leary and Peter Tolan

-On-Set Location Tour

-Firehouse: Real Stories from America’s Bravest

-The Creators’ Last Call