The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Edition

I guess due to the lower expectations you have when you go into a film like this, the fact that it was not too painful is a victory for the makers of the film. A hollow victory, it must be said. This film is the third installation of the Fast and Furious series of films and I have not truly (or even partially) enjoyed one yet. The films really have nothing of interest that I can see for women. They are the opposite of chick flicks. It is full of testosterone, fast cars and hot women. That being said, Tokyo Drift is the best of the bunch.

An interesting choice was made for the director of this film. Japanese independent filmmaker, Justin Lin (Annapolis) is brought on board as director and he gets some points for style in this film. Besides the obvious shots of cars and car racing there are many nice-to-look-at scenes of Tokyo in this film. Moving the story to Tokyo was a wise move as it is an interesting city to watch on screen and is the birthplace of off-road racing. The script is obviously secondary in a film of this type, but even so there were so many clichés uttered that my head was spinning by the end. Acting is also not really all that important, but Sean Boswell is actually much more interesting in his role than Paul Walker was. The cars are still the focal point in the film and the many racing scenes coupled with ear popping sound testify to that. Lin has made sure that the scenes involving the racing are nice to look at and are loud.

The film is about fast cars and hot women and if you accept that then you will be happy with Tokyo Drift. Despite its over-the-top nature and cheesy dialogue, if you liked the Fast and Furious films then you should be quite pleased with this one. Oh yeah, keep your eyes peeled for some interesting (or not) cameos in the film.

Loner Sean Boswell (Lucas Black – Slingblade, Jarhead) has gotten in trouble with the law due to his penchant for the illegal and dangerous activity of street racing versus his nemesis rich kid Clay (Zachery Ty Brian – from television’s Home Improvement). He is shipped off by his mother from California to Tokyo to live with his father, who works for the military. Despite these good intentions, Sean gets caught up in the Tokyo underground street racing quite quickly. He makes the mistake of speaking to the girlfriend, Neela (Nathalie Kelley – first film) of D.K. or the ‘Drift King’ (Brain Tee – Fun With Dick and Jane, Austin Powers in Goldmember), a gangster who is involved in street racing.

Street racing in Tokyo has been made ‘slightly’ more interesting and dangerous by the fact that they engage in ‘drift’ racing. Drift racing involves high powered cars which slide around corners or hairpin turns in a way I thought only possible in video games and requires the driver to have heightened powers of concentration. Boswell, who does not know about D.K.’s ties with the Japanese gang, loses the first race and as a result has a debt to pay off to them. Boswell makes friends with Twinkie (Bow Wow – Like Mike, All About the Benjamins) and Han (Sung Kang – Antwone Fisher, Pearl Harbor), who show him how to survive in Tokyo and drift racing. The grudge between the two men is to be settled in a final high stakes race.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Making of the Fast Franchise

-Deleted Scenes

-Drift: A Sideways Craze

-Custom Made Drifter

-Drifting School

-The Big Breakdown: Han’s Last Ride

-Tricked Out to Drift

-The Real Drift King

-Feature Commentary with Director Justin Lin


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