They Call Us Warriors @ Festival du Nouveau Cinema

South America is one of the many areas of the world where soccer is king. It is thought of as the beautiful game and the passion that goes along with that belief is there. This is true in the case of Venezuela. Soccer is looked at as a unifying thing within a country that is being torn apart by politics and the poor economy.

Despite the need for something that will bring them together women playing soccer in this rather macho society is still not something that is readily accepted. The young women who make us the female national soccer team of Venezuela have battled sexism, poverty and hostility to play the game they love.

Amazingly, even though it seems like everything is against them the team goes undefeated in South American play. As such they take part in the World Cup for women. They find themselves in a position to win the soccer man country’s first World Cup. Doing so they hope to gain some respect and love back in their home country.

The directors of this film – David Alonso, Edwin Corona Ramos and Jennifer Soccoro – have succeeded in their goal which is giving these young women a voice. Bringing them out of invisibility. Show that if you unite as one that no goal is out of your reach. Even in a country that is divided. Something as seemingly unimportant as sport can bring people together.

Effort, bravery, dedication, and love of the game is what compels this team of young women forward towards a common goal. They face every challenge – injury, discrimination, lack of funds, and adversaries of all sorts – to go after their dream. If you don’t find that inspiring and often times touching then you have a heart problem. Let me tell you these women have no inadequacies when it comes to heart.

Even the evil empire that is FIFA has been heard to utter that the future of football is female. While is this is not even close to being true today, it is events like the Women’s World Cup and a team like this one from Venezuela that brings it closer to being a reality. They are warriors making the sport an arena in which women can hope to compete.

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