Cat people…much has been said and written about them. Plenty of jokes made. Yet they still forge on despite all the mocking. Like dogs there are cat shows involving all sorts of breeds with ribbons handed out. Just like dog owners, cat show people take this very seriously. This documentary goes behind the brushes and fur to give those curious about what goes on a look.

This is the Canadian cat show circuit we are looking at. Unlike the nice reputation this country and its citizens have it is gloves off when it comes to cat shows. Watch all the drama and tension unfold as a Turkish Angora and Persian face off for the Best in Show prize.

For the most part, we follow two handlers, Shirley and Kim, who are showing the two top cats – Oh La La (Persian) and Bobby (Turkish Angora). The competition is fierce and there is no pride in coming in second, or “first loser” as one says. Bobby is presently the number one cat on the circuit, winning all the time and coming in with an unbeatable aura. Oh La La has come out of retirement for one more kick at the can. Shirley missed it too much, so decided to go for one last (hopefully) victory. Upon the return of the red Persian, she begins winning competitions. The spotlight becomes a crowded place. Tension is high and claws are out 😉

Then we get to meet other owners/handlers. Each explain what they have to go through to show their cats, basically what that involves. What you realize is that this is a beauty contest for cats. They are judged on their looks.