Black Sails: The Complete Collection – Blu-ray Edition

Michael Bay has finally done something good! All kidding aside he is the executive producer for this Emmy Award-winning series. The story is about the most feared pirate of the day and the day is twenty years before the time of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Action and adventure on the high seas! What could be more fun?

Season one introduces the main characters and the style of storytelling. This is one of the many historically based series on television right now. We go back in time a couple of hundred years to the times of high seas drama and piracy. The action happening on solid ground is no less interesting with all the sex, intrigue and secrets. There is never a dull moment with plenty of plundering of treasure, killing and ravaging of women.

The second season picks up where season one left off. Members of the crew of the Walrus are not able to get to the gold they have been after because they have the Spanish army standing in between them. Captain Flint (played by Toby Stephens) and John Silver (played by Luke Arnold) find themselves having to team up just to stay alive. Eleanor Guthrie (played by Hannah New) is doing her best to keep control of Nassau as it is threatened by a violent pirate named Ned Low (played by Tadgh Murphy). Without anyone knowing something of immense value has been smuggled onto and hidden on the island.

The story is quite fast-moving with plenty going on in each scene. Action and adventure predominate. We also learn, which is interesting considering what is going on in the world today, what a mess politically the world is in. Though this is a pirate drama the political upheaval is key to it all.

Pacing can be a problem with the series mostly glossing or passing quickly over things, but one thing that is never a problem is the dialogue. It is so good that it is a pleasure to listen to. You could listen to the characters for hours on end.

CGI would seemingly be important to a show like this but surprisingly there is precious little to be found here. Most is actually done and the choreography of the fight scenes is top notch. That decision to do everything live makes it all that much more realistic.

Captain Flint (played by Toby Stephens) is a man you love to hate. His match in likability is John Silver (played by Luke Arnold), a man who is just as charming as he is sly. Season three sees Flint ruling through fear and Silver trying to deal with the man and not the myth. All this falls to the backburner when a new pirate in town or Nassau emerges – Blackbeard (played by Ray Stevenson).

Black Sails is going to end after season four so large parts of this season is setting the ending up. Though there is a freshness to the season in that there are some twists and turns along with new characters introduced.

Special Features:

  • “‘Black Sails’: An Inside Look”
  • “Dressed to Kill”
  • “Pirate Camp”
  • “Folklore Is Finished”
  • “A Place in History”
  • “Building the Behemoth”
  • “Inside the World of ‘Black Sails'”
  • “Man O’War”
  • “Expanding Worlds”
  • “High Seas Action”
  • “History’s Influence”
  • “Season Two Recap”
  • “Blackbeard: An 18th-Century Pirate”
  • “The Storm”
  • “A Pirate’s Last Words”
  • “Woodes Rogers”
  • “Inside the World of ‘Black Sails'”
  • “Inside the World of ‘Black Sails'”
  • “Creating the World”
  • “Roundtable: Women in Piracy”
  • “Roundtable: The Legends of Treasure Island”
  • “Roundtable: Fearless Fans”
  • Digital Copy

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