I’m not sure why this film has not become one of those classic sci-fi movies like Clockwork Orange or Blade Runner but for some reason most of Terry Gilliam’s movies (Brazil, Adventures of Baron Munchausen) somehow wander into obscurity. Still, Gilliam’s movies are known to be outlandish and highly imaginative, in other words, very un-Hollywood. Based on Chris Marker’s silent film La Jetee, 12 Monkeys is no exception even with its high profile cast.

Bruce Willis plays James Cole, a mental patient who reluctantly volunteers to be sent into the past in order to find the super virus that killed five billion people. After locating and subsequently kidnapping Dr. Kathryn Railly, (Madeleine Stowe), Cole begins his scavenger hunt with a few clues as to how the virus developed. He knows that it has something to do with the Army of the 12 monkeys thanks to Jeffrey, (Brad Pitt), the insane son of a famous virologist. Believing he can obtain a sample of the virus in the hopes of finding a cure, Cole pursues more pieces of the puzzle…

Special Features:

-Feature Commentary with Director Terry Gilliam and Producer Charles Roven

-The Hamster Factor & Other Tales of 12 Monkeys

-12 Monkeys Archives