No one knows when the end of the world will come, but Frederic Morin, David McMillan and Meredith Erickson believe that we must take full advantage of the extraordinary foods that are available to us before great upheavals occur – if ever such a disaster were to transform our world .

“You’re burying yourself because of a zombie apocalypse or for the simple pleasure of cooking at home, this book will teach you how to do things by yourself and to live – or at least survive – with class. ”

– Frederic, David and Meredith –

After Joe Beef’s first bestseller book dedicated to the art of living, the team of the famous restaurant returns this fall with a new, very personal book, including a refreshing and unpretentious collection of 158 recipes. Some of them are on the menu of Montreal restaurants, others are inspired by Sunday evening’s gatherings at home or a summer vacation spent in the countryside around the beautiful lakes of the Laurentians.

Really spectacular recipes, such as Maite muffuletta, beer deer flank or Christmas log, to those who, like Mammie’s sugar cakes, remind us that it’s not that difficult to survive without gluten, all of them showcase locally grown products.

Through the magically illustrated pages of Jennifer May’s photos, the incredible team gives us her reflections – and ramblings. Chapters deal with the Mohawk culinary tradition, Christmas campers and the unique approach of Frederic and David in barbecue (quick cassoulet, burnt ends to Burgundy). The chefs also teach us how to make the most judicious use of food and master the art of long-term preservation in a cellar (or bunker …).

To avoid deviating from their originality, we discover surprising recipes – and sometimes crazy – to make a piece mounted with balls of pasta with rum sprouts, wine jujubes, cough pastilles spruce flavoured and even a recipe which teaches us how to make soap!

More than ever, the Joe Beef team invites us to discover a creative and comforting cuisine that will give everyone a lot of joy. A book filled with exciting ideas and anecdotes of an extraordinary humor!


Graduate of no prestigious cooking school, FRÉDÉRIC MORIN has long forgotten the art of composing beautiful plates and has been directing the Joe Beef’s tiny kitchen for ten years. He continues to take a brief and intense interest in a thousand and one things that always end up bringing him back to the world of food and cooking: gardening, trying to fly in Alaska, preparing great first-aid kits or building bread ovens.

DAVID MCMILLAN is co-owner and head of establishments Joe Beef, Liverpool House, Vin Papillon, Mon Lapinand McKiernan in addition to being a partner of the import agency Les vins Dame-Jeanne. Born in Quebec City, he has worked in Montreal restaurants since he was 17 years old. He enjoys exploring and teaching traditional French country cooking, a subject that continues to fascinate him.

MEREDITH ERICKSON was one of the first Joe Beef employees. She has written for many magazines, newspapers and television series. She has also collaborated on the writing of several cookbooks with renowned chefs and is currently working on her own book, Alpine Cooking. When she’s not traveling, she’s in Montreal with her family and Joe Beef friends.

La Presse Publishing

ISBN: 978-2-89705-586-8

Number of pages: 356

Format: 9 x 10

Release date: November 12, 2018

Price: $ 44.95