Horror is an entertaining genre. Or at least it can be. Often it suffers due to a lack of money, time and talent. Despite this it remains popular. Every year a slew of horror films of different styles are released. Many are sequels. Each one being of a lesser quality. It seems like it is a tricky thing to construct a watchable sequel to a horror film. Well, along comes screenwriter and director David Gordon Green and bam – we have a very satisfying sequel to the Halloween/Michael Myers series of films.

First off, the film is visually great. Slow pans and nice creepy shots of Michael Myers (played by Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney). All used to construct the story and amp up the necessary tension. Plus there is even some humour that works. All that horror films from the 70s which thrilled us and had millions buying movie tickets contained. Though wisely they have given it all a rather modern look and feel.

Next, it does not forget where it came from. This version is a total homage to the John Carpenter original film from 1978, which is beloved. Fans of horror will revel in it. It contains all the necessary elements. Tension, cool score, violent deaths, ideal pacing, and plenty of scares.

You get more of the story of why Michael Myers is the way he is. The mythology of the killer becomes even more complex. More to muse about. More to build upon. Plus, it allows Laurie/Jamie Lee Curtis to be even more of a heroine. Cool lady! A cool lady who is obviously suffering from some serious PTSD. They tackle that head on. Touching upon issues that are relevant today like victim blaming and the lack of empathy of those with mental health issues.

Though those who have not ever seen one moment of any of the films will be able to enjoy this update. Wisely they have decided to ignore all the sequels that have come before. So this is like just jumping ahead the four decades with nothing having happened in between.

Forty years ago Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) escaped by the skin of her teeth being another victim in Michael Myers killing spree. In the time since the masked figure has continued to haunt her waking and sleeping moments. Now, rather unexpectedly – or is it? – Michael Myers manages to escape while being transferred from one prison to another and wants revenge. Laurie knows that Michael Myers will be coming for her and those she loves, so she will do everything she can to protect her daughter Karen (played by Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (played by Andi Matichak). Knowing that if she ever wants this hell to end that she will have to get rid of Michael Myers once and for all.


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