Death Cab for Cutie – Thank You for Today

I am sure fans of the band were holding their collective breaths wondering what DCFC would sound like without Chris Walla. The answer is upon us and is encouraging. Don’t be discouraged Death Cab for Cutie fans. While on first listen you might be less than impressed by their latest album if you stick to it upon repeated listens it will get better. A grower! Even better it will, in short order, be on heavy rotation on your music device. It is that good. Some were worried about the band as their last couple of albums were not up to snuff. Well, they have certainly redeemed themselves here. Accessible is what they were going for and achieved on Thank You for Today. They have managed to do that while at the same time creating something that is complex, mature and soft. Multilayered without turning you off due to an overproduced sound, the band recognizes where they have come from while having a clear idea of where they are going musically. Pay close attention to the guitar work throughout as it is superior. Ben Gibbard and Depper are now the primary song writers and seem to have formulated a comfortable partnership. Have managed to make an old school album, one that is meant to be listened to as a whole, without having something that is tired sounding or have a been there done that feel to it. They have given us great music for decades now and there is no reason to be found here to believe that won’t keep happening.

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