Buzz has surrounded this series from its release. It was definitely one of the surprise successes of the last television series. The psychological thriller is so dark and depressing (today’s world is not shown in a very good light) that the success might come as a surprise to some but I believe that we needed a dose of reality to maybe shock us off of the current path we are going down.


Elliot (played by Rami Malek) is a security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night. No one knows what he does when he leaves work. A young guy with some social anxieties and sees a psychiatrist (played by Gloria Reuben) due to some anger issues, this is the perfect way for him to fight back against the Man.


His life is going along rather uneventfully until he meets Mr. Robot (played by Christian Slater), the man behind the hacking group known as fsociety.  Suddenly Elliot’s life kicks into high gear.  The main reason is that Mr. Robot and fsociety are asking Elliot to help them bring down Evil Corps, the world’s biggest and most powerful company. This is a company that the one Elliot is working for has been paid to protect.  The struggle begins for Elliot as to what he should do – continue fighting against corruption in his own way or take the leap and join in with fsociety.


The acting, whether leads Malek or Slater or supporting cast, is all above average and writing is slick. It is about hacking but does not feature only the usual whiz kids. Nothing run of the mill in creator Sam Esmail’s (writer of Comet and Mockingbird) series. It definitely stands out from the crowd.


Really illustrates how the gap between rich and poor is growing today. Those who are the 1% have everything going for them while the poor are routinely crushed in every way possible. On top of that we have to do battle with large corporations and tech giants as they control the release of information. Cyber stuff is not the future it is happening right now and this show is trying to give a window into what is going on right underneath our noses.


Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel