Smalltime Miami enforcer Chili Palmer (John Travolta) finds himself in L.A., collecting a gambling debt. He literally gets sucked in by all the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood scene, and decides then and there that he wants to make it in the buiz. Chili gets in with cut rate producer Harry Zimm (Gene Hackman), forgo the fact that Chili breaks into the poor guy’s home and threatens Zimm in order to make this connection! Zimm has pretty much failed as a producer, as his low-brow horror flicks have yet to make a mark in Hollywood. Chili ends up getting acquainted with Zimm’s entire crew. Karen Flores (Rene Russo) is a lousy actress, playing the leading lady in all of Zimms movies. Then there’s Bo Catlett (Delroy Lindo), Zimm’s drug-dealing financier. Who could forget the memorable Martin Weir, aka “Shorty” (Danny DeVito): a little man with a big ego! Chili finds that his experience as a Mafioso comes in quite handy when he decides to get this group of Hollywood rejects to star in a film of his own.

It has surprisingly been over two decades since the release of “Get Shorty”. A must own classic!

Special Features:

    • Commentary with Director Barry Sonnenfeld


    • Get Shorty: Look at Me 


    • Get Shorty: Wiseguys and Dolls


    • The Graveyard Scene 


    • Deleted Graveyard Scene 


    • Going Again 


    • Get Shorty Party Reel 


    • Page to Screen of Get Shorty 


    • Vignettes 


  • Trailer