Soooo funny! for the entire length of this film (84 minutes) they make fun of the big targets of the film industry and super heroes. The laughs come fast and furious. While it is for kids (and they will love it) adults can sit in on this one and not feel regret.

If you are a fan of the Teen Titans television series then you will be aware of this, but…the animation is cool. Bright colours and plenty of stuff going on in every scene. Pay attention and you will be rewarded by some funny things happening in the background often. Another neat thing is that on several occasions they change up the animation style.

The Teen Titans are well aware that every superhero and their dog seem to be starring in Hollywood films. Not the Teens, however. Robin (voiced by Scott Menville) sets out to remedy this. He also wants to be the hero and not just the sidekick. Step one is making a big Hollywood director notice them. With stars in their eyes, they band together and head out to Hollywood.

Once there and with a plan mapped out, they find a spoke in their wheels in the form of an evil super villain. The villain just wants to take over the world. Friendships and the team itself is tested.

Often well known actors/actresses provide voices for animated films/series like this. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it does not. Here it is very successful. Will Arnett (Slade), Kristen Bell (Jade Wilson), Michael Bolton (Tiger), Nicolas Cage (Superman), Halsey (Wonder Woman), Patton Oswalt (Atom), Wil Wheton (Flash) and Jimmy Kimmel (Batman) all do great jobs. Not just bring their star power to the table but actually add to the entire experience.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Lil Yachty Music Video: “Teen Titans GO! Rap”
  • Sing-a-long with Silkie “DC Super Hero Girls: The Late Batsby” Mini-Movie
  • Red Carpet Mayhem
  • Teen Titans GO! To the Movies: WB Lot Shenanigans
  • “Everything is Fake”: Exclusive song not in the movie
  • “Teen Titans GO!: Translated”
  • Storyboard Animatics:
    • Storyboard Animatics: Time Cycles
    • The Final Battle