David Gogo – 17 Vultures

Earlier this month music veteran David Gogo released his latest album, 17 Vultures, which is fifteenth. The Canadian singer/guitar player brings the blues here. Old school sounding blues that doesn’t have a ton of production or tricks. Totally get the feel that it was recorded almost “live”. Though there is plenty here to keep you interested. Great passionate guitar playing is combined with involved storytelling. His guitar really conveys the emotions involved in a rather moving way. Being at the game so long, he has gained some confidence about who he is as an artist and what music he wants to record. So, as such, you get both acoustic and rock tracks here existing side by side. Very compatibly. Within the nine tracks here five are originals while the other four are covers of songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Doug and the Slugs and Barbecue Bob. On the originals you can hear the influence of the likes of Nick Lowe, Jeff Beck, Nick Cave, The Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones.

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