Man of Steel – Blu-ray Edition

Up there with Batman and Spider-man, the story of Superman is one of the best known superhero tales. As such, there are plenty of expectations that come along with them if you should choose to undertake the telling of their tale. Pressure upon pressure befalls the person who decides to tackle one of the DC or Marvel superheroes as fans are always of the passionate variety.

Wisely or foolishly (depending on how you look at it), director Zack Snyder (Justice League, 300) undertook the bringing back to the big screen the man in the red cape. In doing so, he most certainly did not churn out a karaoke version of Superman. things are changed up a little here. Man of Steel is not your traditional Superman tale. First of all, this is a darker version of Superman. From the tone of the story to the look of it, everything is black or grey. This should not be so surprising as Snyder loves that graphic novel look.

Lead Henry Cavill’s Superman is also different from the Christopher Reeves or Brandon Routh versions. In the case of Routh that is a good thing. Cavill’s Superman, as dictated by the tone of the film, is a more withdrawn and sullen character. More Batman-like.

As a child growing up on a farm in rural America, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill – Mission Impossible – Fallout, Stardust) discovers that he is not like other humans. That his parents, Martha (Diane Lane – from television’s The Romanoffs) and Jonathan (Kevin Costner – Molly’s Game, Hidden Figures), adopted him after discovering him abandoned in a field as a baby. This was not your typical abandonment as he had arrived in the field from somewhere else in the universe. From a planet called Krypton. His parents, Jor-El (Russell Crowe – Boy Erased, Gladiator) and Faora-Ul (Antje Traue – Woman in Gold, Criminal), knowing their planet was on the verge of being destroyed, send off their newborn son to Earth, so he might live.

Not only is Clark from another planet, so not human, he possesses powers like being incredibly strong and the ability to fly. As instructed by his father, he keeps all this a secret from those around him. As such, he, as an adult, wanders around the country taking on odd jobs like in a roadside bar and on an oil rig. He moves on when his “differences” poke their heads out. Moving on stops when he is being investigated by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Lois Lane (Amy Adams – from television’s Sharp Objects). Lois is looking into the mysterious (and oh so handsome) young man as she suspects what he truly is.

At the same time, the evil General Zod (Michael Shannon – The Shape of Water, Nocturnal Animals) has arrived on Earth and going to make humans pay for the fact that Kal-El/Clark Kent lives amongst them. Clark wants to defend the only planet he has ever known.

Many complaints were uttered or written when the film first came out in 2013. Some did not appreciate the changes. But, I am sure that a percentage of those people, if they rewatched the film, would come to like it more. Their rather visceral and initial reactions would be tempered. A more level headed approach would be taken.

Special Features:

-Strong Characters, Legendary Role

-All Out Action

-Krypton Decoded

-Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

-New Zealand: Home to Middle Earth

-Journey of Discovery: Creating Man of Steel

-Planet Krypton

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