The new movie Bohemian Rhapsody directed by Brian Singer/Dexter Fletcher is not a biopic about Freddy Mercury or the band Queen.  It is a film about the cohesion of the two forces coming together.  Rami Malek successfully embodies the spirit of Freddy Mercury and delivers an exceptional performance.  Gwilym Lee also does a strong portrayal of Brian May.

The truest of fans will be irked by the chronological inaccuracies in the movie.  Specifically the moment when Freddy tells his band that he has AIDS.  The movie portrays the band being more fractured (presumably for added drama) than it actually was.  Perhaps some people will be delighted at the vilification of Freddy Mercury’s lover, Paul Prenter, played by Allen Leech.

Bohemian Rhapsody will most likely get better box office reception overseas than in North America.  Where Queen’s music is still relevant even in this day and age.  The reenactment of Live Aid at Wembley Stadium is nothing short of epic and amazing.  I found it hard not to be caught up in the moment and want to sing along. Although very condensed, overall it is a well-made film with a strong (even inspirational) ending.