Set two hundred years in the future this sci fi series does things a little differently. It is a rather dark look at what human beings have to look forward to in the future. The series has been constructed in that there are no real good guys. Everyone has some dubious qualities about them. Basically, you can trust no one.


On top of that there are several different genres thrown in with the sci fi for good measure. You get a little bit of horror, political drama and film noir stirred into the pot to spice things up. Don’t worry you can mix politics with action and not end up with a mess. It is possible to add the brains of political drama with the muscle of action and keep things moving forward.


In The Expanse, based on a bestselling book by James J. Corey, humans have colonized the solar system. A case of a missing young woman (played by Florence Faivre) brings together hardnosed detective Joe Miller (played by Thomas Jane) with a rogue ship’s captain, James Holden (played by Steven Strait). The investigation brings them across the solar system discovering that there has been a huge conspiracy going on that has been kept from humankind’s radar.


Another small budget Syfy network show that surprises. Surprises in regards to quality and watchability. The camerawork and atmosphere is dark yet keeps you interested. Shows that you can have old school storytelling characteristics work with a more modern look.


Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes