Iasonas – King Leonidas

KING LEONIDAS is a Balkan hip-hop album: a fusion of orchestral arrangements,
traditional Greek and Serbian music, and hip-hop storytelling. A collection of nine original compositions crafted to inspire inner strength and to awaken the human spirit.

From beginning to end, the album tells one continuous story of a young boy named Leonidas, who leaves the comfort of his home to answer the call of adventure. Through adversity, challenges and loss, he learns to become the master of his own life: King Leonidas.  This classic story of the “Hero’s journey” is inspired by the heroic symbols of Balkan mythology and will also be depicted in a Graphic-Novel that will serve as a visual accompaniment to the music (to be released in the Spring of 2019).

The album features live recordings of 26 musicians for: Choir, bouzouki, baglamas, accordion, kanun, kaval, organ, piano, harp, violin, alto, cello, upright bass, trumpet, trombone, tuba, drums, rik, darbuka, bongos, vibraphone and voice. The album also features guest appearances from slam-artist, HODA and Montreal composer/musician, Socalled.

The album is also available as an INSTRUMENTAL version, offering another sonic experience to the listener.

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