Because of the mess this planet is in presently we humans have started to be preoccupied with the amount of time we have left on Earth. These worries have manifested themselves in several subjects coming up time and time again in films, novels and television series. Apocalyptic themes and those of humans in the future living on other planets or escaping to other parts of the solar system on large space ships have cropped up numerous times.

It is not surprising then that a station like SyFy has several shows centering around these types of themes. One of them is The Expanse which recently finished its second season. The basic premise here is Earth no longer being able to support all humans several hundreds of years in the future. Humans, therefore, have reached out into the solar system and begun colonizing there. The United Nations now controls Earth with an independent military power running the show on Mars. The Asteroid Belt is relied upon to provide needed resources. Air and water have a greater value now than almost anything. Tension has been rising between these three areas for decades now and the three, Earth, Mars and the Belt, are on the brink of war.

While season one focused mostly on entertaining viewers, season two gets a lot heavier. The politics of the time is prevalent in most ongoing stories. Thankfully they have not strayed away from the action and superior visual effects that made this one of the higher quality shows of its type on television today. The story seems to be shooting off in many directions without stretching itself too thin and as such, it promises to continue to be a solid watch in season three.

Special Features:

-The Powerful Women of the Expanse

-Top 9 Job Requirements

-Cast & Crew Commentaries