The Magicians: Season Two – Blu-ray Edition

Magic is tricky. (See what I did there?) In that it is hard to depict it in film or on television so that it doesn’t seem fake or cheesy. This SyFy series using the novels of Lev Grossman attempt just that.

A group of 20-somethings including Quentin Coldwater (played by Jason Ralph) are in the process of discovering and aiming to control their magical abilities at Brakebills University, a secret grad school specializing in magic. This season they continue to do battle against an evil entity that they have unwittingly invited into their world. It is even more dangerous than what they faced before. The issues of power, revenge and survival rear their sometimes ugly heads. While undergoing all this they come to realize that those who have travelled to the world of Fillory come back changed.

Each character gets their due. They are all developed over time and show different aspects or types of magic. Each giving you a different perspective into the world created by the series. Contemporary and realistic to some extent. Fantasy fans should like what it offers.

For those who have not indulged in The Magicians as of yet it is like a darker Harry Potter for an older audience. Might have you going to read the books if you haven’t already. Though be warned, the series is quite different from the novels.

Special Features:

-Gag Reel

-Behind the Magic


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