TULA lets her dark-pop energy shine on debut EP ‘SKIN’

Having returned back in August to share her critically-praised single ‘Colours’, the Swedish-born, Berlin-based frontwoman TULA now looks to cement herself as the next big name in progressive dark-pop with the announcement of her debut EP ‘SKIN’, set to be released on the 16th November via I LOVE THAT SONG.

As well as featuring the previously unveiled ‘Colours’, ‘Bullet’ and ‘Another Kind Of Red’, which recently reached the #1 spot on the Hype Machine chart, ‘SKIN’ also boasts her latest pounding release ‘Glow’, a single that draws in all the brooding influences of her work to date into one captivating composition.

With comparisons to the likes of Robyn and Lykke Li, ‘Glow’ sees her capitalize on the dark energy of her work so far and adds to it with a bolder and harsher sound (? Replace Production)  in the process. Building throughout with sparse production and spiking basslines, the track shows her in a far more progressive light, adding shades to her already insatiable back catalogue.

Speaking about her new EP, TULA has added, “Cell memory of the skin lasts a whole life. while a memory of the mind dissolves gradually.”

‘SKIN’ looks to be the culmination of her work throughout the year. Delivering a succinct and cohesive collection, she allows herself to truly breathe on this new release. Embracing more adventurous strides with every track, the EP aims to mark her place on the sombre side of dark-pop with a stunning and enticing vigour.


TULA will release ‘SKIN’ on the 23th November via I LOVE THAT SONG.






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