From La Voix to Touring Europe – Matt Holubowski

Matt Holubowski grew up in Hudson and is fluently bilingual. As such he sings in both English and French. Though he had released his first album, Ogen, Old Man, in 2014 the public really only got to know him in 2015 when he took part in La Voix. He made it all the way to the finals finally finishing in second place.

In 2016 he released his second album, Solitudes, which he followed up with his first real tour. He played shows across the province, in other parts of Canada and in Europe as an opener for Ben Folds. Most recently in 2017 an EP meant to be a companion to Solitudes called Epilogue was released.

Additional Information:

-Date:  December 13 + 14, 2018

-Venue:  Corona Theatre


-Ticket Purchase:

-Ticket Price:  $40.00 (plus handling charges)

-Show Time:  8:00 p.m. (Doors @ 7:00 p.m.)

-Opening Act:  Jason Bajada

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