All seven seasons or 88 episodes of the rough-and-tumble cop series is now ready for you to watch at your leisure. The great ensemble cast is headed by Emmy Award-winner Michael Chiklis. Super engaging, it is the type of show that will suck you in from the very first moments and keep you hanging on until the very end.

Season One:
Detective Vic Mackey (played by Michael Chiklis) is in charge of the Anti-Gang Unit. Due to their aggressive nature they are called The Strike Team. At the same time Captain David Aceveda (played by Benito Martinez) and Detective Terry Crowley (played by Reed Diamond) are trying to bring down the Strike Team as they suspect that they are corrupt. The heat on them is turned up when Detective Terry Crowley is shot and Internal Affairs and Aceveda investigate.

Season Two:
Vic has to try and locate his family who have disappeared. The investigation is making every member of The Strike Team fear for their jobs. They have to all keep their composure as they go about their job of arresting drug dealers and gang bangers.

Season Three:
The Strike Team’s attempt to go legit does not last long. Vic makes a mistake by using some of the stolen money and the tension level in The Strike Team goes through the roof. A new organization called The Decoy Squad goes head to head with The Strike Team.

Season Four:
Vic is a changed man and no longer the cop he used to be. His past has caught up with him. The Strike Team has been dissolved. Aceveda is now a member of the City Council. Farmington is on the brink of a gang war.

Season Five:
The Strike Team, back together, tries to calm down the racial tensions in Farmington. Internal Affairs begins another investigation of Vic and his team. The investigation this time focuses in on Lem (played by Kenny Johnson). Danny (played by Catherine Dent) is pregnant and won’t reveal who the father is.

Season Six:
Vic is crazed and wants to avenge his friend’s death. Kavanaugh (played by Forest Whitaker) believes he has what he needs to arrest Vic. Claudette (played CCH Pounder) makes a deal with Vic in order to save his job he must train his replacement.

Season Seven:
The feds come to Farmington to investigate all the recent violence in Farmington. There is a Mexican-Armenian all-out war brewing. Vic tries to play both sides. A review board hearing against Vic is set up.

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