If you think this is a series about the mob you are only part right when it comes to the Sopranos. Bottom line it is a series about a dysfunctional American family. Tony Soprano (played by James Gandolfini) has it the toughest as he has to try to control things as the head of two families: the mob and his own. Living in these two worlds Tony is under tremendous pressure and it leads to him having a break down. Desperate, Tony turns to someone he never would have unless he had hit rock bottom – a psychiatrist (played by Lorraine Bracco).

Unlike many films or television series on the mob this one does not have only violence (there is plenty of it), but many poignant family make up the show making you believe that the Sopranos in many ways similar to your own family.

Episode 1: The Sopranos: Tony starts having panic attacks so he decides to start seeing a therapist.

Episode 2: 46 Long: After a few accidents, Tony forces his mother (Nancy Marchand) to move into a home.

Episode 3: Denial, Anger, Acceptance: Meadow (played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler) asks Christopher (played by Michael Imperioli) for a favour that could get him in trouble.

Episode 4: Meadowlands: Carmela (played by Edie Falco) issues an ultimatum to Tony about his therapy.

Episode 5: College: Tony and Meadow go on a college tour to Maine.

Episode 6: Pax Soprana: Junior (played by Dominic Chianese) doesn’t respect the pact he made with Tony and that angers his entire crew.

Episode 7: Down Neck: A.J. (played by Robert Iler) is suspended from school for drinking the sacramental wine.

Episode 8: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti: Rumours about FBI indictments begin and Tony’s crew tries to do a quick clean up.

Episode 9: Boca: Tony finds out a secret that Junior would have rather remained a secret.

Episode 10: A Hit is a Hit: Christopher and Adriana’s (played by Drea de Matteo) attempt to break into the music business does not go as smoothly as they had hoped.

Episode 11: Nobody Knows Anything: Tony is shocked when he is told that Big Pussy (played by Vincent Pastore) might be a rat.

Episode 12: Isabella: Tony is unhappy about Pussy’s disappearance.

Episode 13: I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano: Tony decides to retaliate for the attempt on his life.

Special Features:

-David Chase Interview

-Family Life

-Meet Tony Soprano