Recommended for fans of: Kid Ink, Wiz khalifa, Chris brown, Justin Bieber, Drake

Performed by: Fifcitydreams

Written by: Fifcitydreams

Produced, mixed and mastered by: Cormill


Fifcitydreams, a young up-and-coming artist from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) that is quickly making a name for himself across Canada after recently stepping into the limelight. He focuses on writing music not only for himself and as a form of deep and personal self expression, but for the people. With the word ‘City’ included in his name to represent that he is all about his city, and the people in it, Fifcitydreams is striving to make a positive difference through music to not only those around him – but to everyone that his music reaches around the world.


‘Everyday’, is the second single from his upcoming album ‘The Starter Kit 2’. The song is an ode to the inner power that pushes us to move forward, to never give up. Although the path towards completion of our dreams is an arduous one, we build it day after day until that moment in which we eventually recognize our success. The chorus plays a pivotal role in the song by acknowledging that instant in which you feel ready to transform and revolution your life together with that energy that allows you to keep going, to follow your desires and dreams. Again with this single, Fifcitydreams easily finds a way to connect with his fans through his powerful words by promoting and encouraging that uniqueness that characterizes each of us and that is our intrinsic strength. Through its lyrics, immersive and appealing rhythm, ‘Everyday’  drives us to believe in ourselves and in the goals we decide to pursue.


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