Cecile McLorin Salvant – The Window

Jazz vocalist Cecile McLorin Salvant is a perfect example of being modern while at the same time having reverence for the past. On her latest album, The Window, while taking on a great American standard like “Somewhere” she manages to do something new and fresh sounding while at the same time cognicent of the history of the song. All this is accomplished through he astonishing voice which is able to change octave or even tone at the drop of a hat. So powerful, Cecile’s voice never plays second fiddle to anything – instrument or lyric. This is despite the fact that she is accompanied on most tracks on the album by pianist Sullivan Fortner. Only on the track “The Peacocks” does saxophonist Melissa Albana join them. Using the variety her voice is capable of she is able to jump around within the genre, as well. The Window contains American showtunes, French cabaret, pop music, original songs and soul. She more than ably does covers of songs by Stephen Sondheim, Nat King Cole, Cole Porter and Stevie Wonder. As a change of pace and sound, two tracks on the album, “A Clef” and “J’ai L’Cafard”, are sung in French.

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