How many degenerates and bad human beings can you watch? The answer is plenty or a whole family of them in the case of the HBO series Succession. If the first season is any indication, that is.

Through different parts of the 10 episode series you will sit there with your mouth agape and then tears in your eyes. Brought through the gamut of emotions, Succession is da bomb. A series that will leave and make an impression upon whomever watches it.

One dimensional degenerates is not the name of the game here. Change happens fast and hard. Don’t ever think that what people seem to be on the surface is what they are deep down. Just when you think you have someone figured out they change. Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) is not just a monster. He is other things. Wait for episode 10….

The story backbone is basically a incredibly powerful and wealthy family – the Roys – who are involved in the media industry. They own a ton of television stations and the like. Logan, the patriarch, is in his 80s and his four kids – Connor (played by Alan Ruck), Kendall (played by Jeremy Strong), Roman (played by Kieran Culkin) and Siobhan (played by Sarah Snook) – believe him to be on the verge of retirement allowing Kendall to take over the company. Things change. Which is the reoccurring theme with this family. Nothing ever stays static. Strap in, it is going to be a wild ride.

Season one goes along and then the last episode….hits you like a ton of rocks…making you count the days until season two. A quality that all well done television possesses. Keeps you guessing, entertained, invested and interested.

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