Short Shadows, a self-professed short-ass, middle-class, north suburban smart-ass punk with a piano has written the soundtrack to your public transport journey. The alter ego for Andy Coates; a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, War Anecdotes From The Northern Suburbs takes indie rock, hip-hop, jazz and punk and blends it all with wry observations, punchy horns and suburban soundscapes that are epitomised in lead single Nothing Good Comes Out Of Preston.

Coates has entertained audiences Australia wide while fronting his nine-piece band Frankie Wants Out. FWO, who brought original party-swing back on to the music scene, could play a classy cocktail bar one night, then a grungey pub next and worked hard gigging, recording and touring for over ten years.  While still paying tribute to his love of swing music, Short Shadows is a step away from the jump-blues and focuses on the peculiar styles of suburbia.

Hailing from Melbourne’s North, Short Shadows aims to give his home a cool sound. Remarking that the northern suburbs (Northcote/Thornbury/Preston) are becoming to Melbourne what Brooklyn is to New York City and as it continues to be gentrified, he wants the sound he creates to stay true to what he has always known. The lead single Nothing Good Comes Out Of Preston tells the story of a falling out and this phrase being used as a low blow to kick a Prestonite while he is down.  If anything, the song is illustrative of Short Shadow’s love of Preston, making references to the Preston Market, the 86 tram and even Cramers.

Short Shadows describes his music as “a bit of an odd mix” taking influence from piano-based artists such as Ben Folds and The Whitlams and mixing it with suburban garage beats, samples and original horn lines. The album is sometimes witty and other times heartbreaking. Ultimately it’s a love letter to Melbourne, detailing the frustrations of getting on and the curious understanding in getting off.

For Fans Of: Ben Folds | The Streets | The Go! Team

‘Nothing Good Comes Out Of Preston’ will be in Digital Stores on February 1st.
‘War Anecdotes From The Northern Suburbs’ album released on February 15th.