Chain Wallet – World I Used To Call Mine

Following up on the success of the debut album, Bergen-based dream pop act Chain Wallet will release their second album in February 2019. The band channel the moody eighties-inspired melancholia of bands such as Wild Nothing, paired with shimmering guitar work which nods to The Jesus and Mary Chain and Johnny Marr.

On new single ‘World I Used To Call Mine’, the band explore the human urge to find order in chaos, telling us “the song is about somebody on a quest for a cosmic plan. It is supposed to portray the final phase of a rite of passage, the incorporation ceremony into the new world, but something goes horribly wrong.”

While feelings of inertia and melancholy are present on the album, there is a warmth to the recordings and a sense that sorrow will turn into happiness in the end. Aimless teenage angst morphs into a reflective quarter-life crisis that searches for answers.

Both of Chain Wallet’s records have followed loose and murky storylines about a conflicted protagonist. Where the first album revolved around themes like unresolved ambition and attempts of letting go of the past, No Ritual finds our anti-hero in state of spiritual limbo, while reaching out and trying to establish new symbolic meanings. The album is a post-apocalyptic dive into the mythical life of the millennial mind.

While Chain Wallet’s first album was dreamed up in their rainy hometown of Bergen, the sophomore effort found them in a small cabin on a remote beach in the southwest of Norway. Production comes from Matias Tellez.

The band have already won the support for tastemaker press such as The Guardian, Clash Magazine, The 405 and Ja Ja Ja as well as being included in Spotify playlists such as ‘Bedroom Pop’ and ‘Fresh Finds’.

No Ritual will be available everywhere on February 15th 2019 via Jansen Records.



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Final Testament
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No Ritual
World I Used To Call Mine
Inner Space


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