From Iowa to France, the voice of COCO BANS weaves around the globe with pop anthems and intimate hybrid folk songs – the effects of which stay with you long after listening. The American singer-songwriter, having already collaborated with some of the biggest and most promising artists (Lil Wayne, Julian Perretta, Fakear, Kiddy Smile, Jabberwocky), stormed onto the scene in October 2018 with debut single Make It Up and a packed MaMA Festival show in Paris.

 COCO BANS’ debut EP Fantasy & Parables’ will be released on February 28th, 2019. A collection of songs that explores the internal worlds we cultivate and the stories we tell ourselves to survive. A narrative of 6-parts, ‘Fantasy & Parables’ documents struggle, determination and triumph over a magical folk-gospel landscape. With support from Rolling Stone and Pop & Shot among others, COCO BANS is set to be one of the key breakout artists of 2019.

‘Fighting Feathers’ opens with airy vocals and synths which create a dreamy sonic landscape, accompanied only by snappy lead guitar which gives the track percussive momentum from the outset. The verse instrumental stays restrained, making room for a lead vocal that commands the listener’s attention. COCO BANS lures you into a magical trance before a distorted bass kicks in to add punch to a musically inventive outro that builds to a soaring height and fades out slowly, practically demanding you to press repeat.


Here’s what COCO BANS had to say about the track:

“I had this image in my head of someone battling with a feather in the air, punching and grabbing at it with no luck. The feather just kept floating along beautifully, with such grace. Sometimes our problems are like that feather, best to just move on and release that futility.”

‘Fighting Feathers’ will be released on all platforms 24th January 2019, and the upcoming EP ‘Fantasy & Parables’ will be out 28th February 2019.